Living with love

Gold Pieces

I’ve been quite obsessed with jewellery recently, particularly handmade gold pieces that reflect something symbolic or is slightly battered like it has a long history. I rarely rotate the jewellery that I wear because each piece is something that I have selected for everyday wear or was given to me by my mama and so […]

Fashion Lifestyle

Gold details and sweet scents

Slowly winding down for Summer, staring at my Autumn wardrobe. Thinking chunky knits, gold details and sweet scents of palo santo. My husband introduced me to the richly fragrant smell of burning palo santo in the heart of the Amazonian jungle in Iquitos, Peru. It gives me such a calm, yet energising feeling.     […]


Hand-woven bags that will brighten up your outfit

  Relocating from London to Texas, it was really necessary to reconsider my wardrobe essentials since the majority of the year I’m basking in the sunshine. It can get seriously heated in the summer, so I usually dress in something lightweight and causal (minimal/no makeup), because not only am I comfortable, but I love how […]


Lavender Gin and Tonic

It’s summer time and I keep dreaming of sweet, refreshing cocktails by the beach, but for now I’ll be getting sun-drenched by the pool enjoying the 90 degree temperatures. My go to drink all year round is a gin and tonic, but in the summertime I like to jazz it up and experiment with my […]


The Australian brand I’m obsessed with

I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of white recently. It creates an illusion of keeping me cooler in these brutal 40-degree (over 100 Fahrenheit) summer days! Well technically it’s spring, but it sure feels like summer. I’m all about smock dresses at the moment- loose fitting, breezy and effortlessly cool. I used to […]


French feels and breezy hemlines

  Bluebonnets in bloom, spring has sprung in Texas! When I think about transitioning into spring, my immediate thought is a wrap dress, oh and allergy meds. Wrap ties that clinch in at the waist are so flattering to the female figure and literally look great on any body type/age. This Realisation Par midi length […]


How to spend a week in London

Sitting on the train to Waterloo, gazing through windows at towers of glinting glass and buildings that are centuries old- thinking about how much I miss this beautiful city. Inspired by my recent trip home and since many people ask me for recommendations for their upcoming holidays/vacations to London, I thought I’d write a quick […]


Texas Winter Vibes

Hai everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend relaxing and indulging in yummy food. I’m always on the hunt for cute European style cafés in Dallas. There’s just something about the ambiance that makes me happy, not to mention it reminds me of being home. We recently went to Rise […]


Velvet sock boots

Zara ankle boots Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I took full advantage of being able to sleep in during the holidays and am excited to start this year focusing on positives and opportunities for growth. A recent item that I have been wearing on repeat are these sock boots from Zara. […]


Hello world

Welcome to my blog. Today, I feel inspired to take risks. It’s five days until Christmas!! This will be my first Christmas in America, even though I’ve lived here for almost 6 years (I always seem to escape to London for the holidays). I get really excited as winter approaches and can finally break out […]